The Trump Nightmare Has Just Begun

These are terrible times to be an American, the worst I can remember.

I no longer believe the Trump phenomenon will pass. I would believe that if the Republicans reduced their support for him. But that isn’t happening.

It’s not happening because the Republican party of today is made up of three groups: white supremacists, big business types who hate government, and Christian religious fanatics. According to the polls all three groups are delighted with Trump because each group is getting from him precisely what they want.

The Republicans of today have no feeling for the country at large. So long as they are getting theirs they don’t give a damn about anyone else.

And that is why the Republicans in Congress will not impeach Trump no matter what crimes the special prosecutor uncovers. So long as Paul Ryan’s constituency of the rich gets their tax breaks and reduced regulations, so long as the racists see Latino migrants deported and black people slapped down by both cops and their president, and so long as the Christian right feels that the incursion of  Jews, Muslims, seculars and others has been arrested, they will be pleased.

Muller cannot get Trump out unless Congress acts and the Republicans won’t. For them, this is the best administrations since….maybe ever.

Of course, the Democrats can win the House in 2018 if they can withstand the effects of all those House districts drawn to elect Republicans, but that is, at best, a  50-50 proposition. The Senate is going to stay Republican.

As for the media, it will continue to behave as if Trump is a legitimate president, while at the same time reporting that he was elected largely through criminal, even treasonous, acts.

Nonetheless, the Trump counterrevolution is not locked in. In theory, at least, it can be rolled back assuming there is no major terrorist act here at home that enables him to get a compliant Congress to grant him emergency powers. Why not? George W. Bush used his Iraq war to curtail civil liberties and could have gone farther had he been interested in destroying liberal democracy once and for all. That wasn’t his goal.

But it is Trump’s goal, written as plain as day on Stephen Miller’s face. The nightmare is only just beginning.

Author: mjayrosenberg

20 years Capitol Hill. 4 years AIPAC (before I woke up). And assorted other places in Washington, DC. Liberal Democrt.

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