Trump Stinks Up All His Predecessors

The image of the Orange Buffoon standing where all the great presidents of the past once stood is destroying them for me too.

Those of us who grew up in the age of television have strong memories of great men and moments at that lectern. And thanks to historic footage there is FDR there too, the greatest of them all, speaking of a Day of Infamy and Pearl Harbor.

But all of them–Ike, Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton, Obama, etc– had their veneer wiped off last night when that fool stood there, struggling to read his speech, a speech composed equally of mindless platitudes and hate. The State Of The Union will never be the same.

As for the presidency, it is no longer the big deal it was before we learned that a fool, racist and sex abuser could be elected to it by simply inciting racism and nativism and bringing out previous stay-at-home voters who finally had a candidate who hated like them.

So what that Kennedy, the first non-Protestant,  pulled off that great 1960 victory,  or Obama, the first African American, or FDR, the first disabled candidate, if this dolt could do it. Eisenhower got to the White House by commanding D-Day and liberating Europe. Trump got there because he is such a convincing hater and despite having zero accomplishments excepting grabbing em…

You see what I mean. This man cheapens the State Of The Union, the Presidency, and the White House itself. Even Washington and Lincoln get tarnished retrospectively.

And then there are the Founders, those geniuses who devised a Constitution that led to this. Not just slavery (the original sin) but the electoral college that twice in 16 years blocked the popular choice for president in favor of the corporate choice.  (In the case of George W. Bush, it was the holy Supreme Court that did the dirty work!)

The question is: did Trump cause the downfall of America or, given predatory capitalism and virulent racism, is he just the symptom of it? I lean to the second. He’s a symptom. The cancer was already there but he caused it to rage through the body. That is bad enough. You can live out a full life with a sleeping malignancy. But introduce some bad hormones and the patient often is a goner.

We look like goners. All of us, even our history. I don’t think Muller or elections paid for by the Koch brothers will save us either.








Author: mjayrosenberg

20 years Capitol Hill. 4 years AIPAC (before I woke up). And assorted other places in Washington, DC. Liberal Democrt.

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